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Why Do You Need Corporate Concierge Services?


Do you own a business and often feel frustrated because much of your time is wasted on errands?

Do you ever feel like you need someone who can do these errands and you can perform the critical parts of your business? Do you want a personal manager who can assist you in booking your meetings, travels, and other business-related activities? Well, don’t worry! There are people, companies, and firms who provide such services, and that is called corporate concierge services.

Research shows that over 700 hours (almost 30 days) of the average American gone wasted doing errands. And now, think, in business terms, how much these wasted hours can cost you. So here, the use of these services comes in.

Read on to learn what is a concierge and corporate concierge and why you need corporate concierge services.

What is a Concierge?
A concierge is an individual or firm that provides personal assistance services like vacation and travel planning, household management, transportation, lifestyle management, booking flights, appointments, etc., to its clients (usually high net worth) like high-level managers, CEOs, rich people, and celebrities.

They charge variable prices according to the number of services they provide. So, a concierge is really very helpful in saving time by taking responsibility for the routine tasks of their clients.

Corporate Concierge
A professional that provides business assistance is called a corporate concierge. Responsibilities of a corporate concierge are not limited to business but also include personal assistance, buying tickets for business travel, dinner reservation, social activities and making deals with clients.

Some other roles and duties of a corporate concierge are given below:
Arrange and attend business meetings and conferences
Arrange translators for the company if needed
Hire employees temporarily
Repair company computers or outsource them
Business registration 
Internet connectivity and infrastructure installation
administrative support

A College degree is not necessary for these professionals, but some of these business assistants have college degrees and are highly qualified. One skill that a corporate concierge must have is excellent communication skills.

Why do You Need Corporate Concierge Services-Benefits
Now, it’s clear to you how much value a corporate concierge can add to your life. We’ll now further discuss how this extra help can benefit your company and even your personal life.

After experiencing life with a corporate concierge, we’re sure you’ll wonder how you spent a long time without one.

Enhance Product Value
Your product or service is the backbone of your business, and it should be the center of your attention. But as the company expands, a considerable portion of your time is spent on the operations and logistics rather than your product or service improvement and scaling.

By handing routine tasks over to your corporate concierge, you’ll have enough time to focus on your product or service and make it more valuable.

Add New Products or Services
Want to grow your revenue by adding more products/services but don’t have the resources or time to focus on it?

By taking advantage of the services of a corporate concierge, you’ll be successful in freeing up some time that you can devote to new product research and development.

You’ll be free from the tension of booking your spaces for focus groups, buying tickets for business conferences, and scheduling business trips for new product introduction with the help of a corporate concierge.

Keep Updated With Industry Trends
A corporate concierge also researches and gathers trend reports so you can follow the latest emerging industry trends.

You may be left behind in today’s market if you don’t keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends and technologies. So, with the help of a concierge, you can utilize most of your time to create industry impact.

Attract the Best Talent
Your employees decide your business’s worth. All successful businesses have top-tier talent in their companies. So, if you want to have quality people in your company, you should be able to offer them an impressive paycheck and enough value.
If you’re using the services of a corporate concierge, it adds tremendous value to your workplace, attracting quality talent.

Upgrade Your Business Trips
A large portion of a company budget goes into business trips. These trips should be accomplished very well. A corporate concierge can help you find the best place to dine with your clients and book your spots to avail yourself and enjoy each trip fully.
Benefits for Your Employees
Delegating errands and routine tasks to the corporate concierge can increase the efficiency of your employees.

They could get easily frustrated if they have to do chores themselves, which will affect your workplace environment. Using a corporate concierge will provide more time for employees to unleash their true potential.

Who Needs a Corporate Concierge-Conclusion
People often think that only multi-million-dollar businesses can use corporate concierge services, but this is not true. Any growing small to medium-sized business can take advantage of these services. 

Any business, whether it is undergoing relocation, merging, or simply driving multiple teams, can take advantage of these services. So, if you have a growing company and want to focus on more critical tasks, these services are your way to go.

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