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When’s the Best Time for Working Parents to Get a New Job?


Timing Your Job Search for Maximum Benefits as a Working Parent.

As a working parent, you likely don’t have time to go through a months-long interview process filled with hours of interviews and phone calls. Additionally, sending your résumé out to dozens of jobs may not be in the cards if you don’t exactly have the free time to do so. A solution? Hold out on your job search until it’s a job seeker’s market.

In a 2021 market assessment, Daniel Zhao, Glassdoor Senior Economist and Data Scientist, explains a job seeker’s market and the benefits of looking for a job in one. The more employer demand there is, the easier it can be for working parents to find a job quickly and leverage things like a better salary rate, better benefits, and guaranteed remote workdays.

If you are considering returning to work after a hiatus, pursuing a promotion, or targeting a new job at a different company, a job seeker’s market will be hungry for your skills, talents, and experience. This is a good time for professional reinvention, whatever that looks like for you

As a working parent, you may not have the luxury of participating in a lengthy interview process filled with multiple rounds of interviews and phone calls. Furthermore, submitting your resume to numerous job postings may not be feasible if you have limited free time. A solution? Wait to begin your job search until it is a candidate-driven market.

In a 2021 market analysis, Daniel Zhao, Glassdoor Senior Economist, and Data Scientist delves into the concept of a candidate-driven market and the advantages of seeking employment during one. The higher the demand from employers, the easier it becomes for working parents to secure a job quickly and negotiate better salary rates, benefits, and the option for remote work.

Whether you are considering returning to the workforce after a break, pursuing a promotion, or seeking a new job at a different company, a candidate-driven market will be eager for your skills, talents, and experience. This is an excellent time for a professional transformation, whatever that may look like for you.

Professionals are increasingly opting for remote and hybrid work options as they provide a balance between work and family commitments. Remote jobs are performed solely from a remote location (usually the home), while hybrid jobs involve a combination of office and remote work. When exploring remote or hybrid job opportunities, consider your skills and desired role, and study how others in the field are performing the work. If you have child care or your children are in school, a hybrid work arrangement can allow you to work in the office and remotely as needed.

Preparing Your Résumé
As a working parent, your time is valuable. Before embarking on a job search, take the time to update and polish your résumé. Ensure that the information is current and you have a strong cover letter template ready.

Building Your Network
Expanding your network can be a great way to find new job opportunities. Reach out to friends, colleagues, and former coworkers to expand your network and increase your chances of finding the perfect job.

Always Open to New Job Opportunities
The job market is constantly evolving with more remote and hybrid options available. This means that as a working parent, there is always a good time to search for new job opportunities.

Don’t let the job search process feel daunting. iGlobal Services can assist you in streamlining your search, finding better-paying jobs, transitioning to a more flexible role, preparing for interviews, and more. Remember, you’re not alone in this process.

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