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Staffing agencies: 5 things they should be doing


“The way you work just feels different.” We frequently hear this from clients who have previously worked with other staffing agencies. Our purpose-driven approach to hiring and managing our temporary workforce sets us apart from other staffing agencies. If you’re currently using a staffing company to fulfill your temporary staffing needs, ask yourself if they are doing these five things because if not, iGlobal is here to the rescue!


Strengthen your brand: In today’s fiercely competitive labor market, how do they plan to position you as an employer of choice? What personalized business strategies do they have to offer up front?

Acquiring exceptional talent: Is your staffing company your market’s eyes and ears? What strategies do they employ, other than posting jobs on job boards, to get in touch with potential candidates?

Increased Fill Rates: Are your needs met reliably (even on short notice) or are they hit or miss? Check your financials to see if your overtime expenses are going down while your output is going up. What impact do their outcomes have on staff morale?

Streamlined communication: Other staffing companies are frequently criticized for their poor communication. Are they consistently delivering updates, comments, insights, and data for your review?

Improved Retention: We firmly believe that relationships equal retention. It is our understanding that managers who are frequently onsite and cultivate connections with staff members and other managers increase the retention rate considerably.

There is no denying that improvement is a continuous process. Going above and beyond keeps clients satisfied, ensures they continue to use your services for many years to come, and leads to your continued success.

Good news, we are ready to do that. iGlobal is a purpose-driven staffing and recruitment company that assists employers in building their brand to have a positive impact on the candidate pool for hiring.

The thing that sets us apart from other staffing companies is not what we do, but rather how we do it.

iGlobal is doing all the things a staffing company should do.

We strengthen your business, acquire top-notch talent from across the world & will give you the numbers you ask for. We are more than ready to demonstrate how we can turn our competitive advantage into your competitive advantage because we think marketing and recruiting go hand in hand.

Let’s talk business!

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